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May 31 13 7:00 PM

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Olette ehkä saaneetkin s-postia, mutta jos ette ole, niin katsokaa että teidän s-postiosoitteenne on oikein ja ajan tasalla! Maxforum alusta poistuu ja vaihtuu toiseksi, eli yoku pohjaiseksi. Jos teittin s-postit on kunnossa, niin saatte uudet salasanat, joe ei niin ei futaa homma kunnolla!

Ohessa itse saatekirje, jos ette ole sitä jostain syystä itse saaneet:

In an effort to provide you with better service,
the Takeforum platform will be migrated to our Yuku platform.
The Yuku environment o ffers better servers and improved software,
and will provide Takeforum admin and users with an enhanced forum experience on a software platform that is actively developed and continually supported and updated by our engineering team.

Advantages of this upgrade include better member post and spam management tools,
a simplified admin control panel and expanded user pr ofiles just to name a few. Just some examples of new features and functionality are the following:

• The Yuku mobile app for iOS and Android devices
• Robust spam prevention tools
• Extensive us er interaction tools
• Multiple signatures and profiles.
• Advanced member management
• Inline member moderation
• Individual forum security
• Detailed security logs
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Easy drag & drop forum arrangement
•Full forum stats

Although much of the functionality that you are used to will remain, there will, however, be some differences with how y our users will access your forum and with how you will manage it. Most notably will be the following:
• Your board URL will change from http://yoursite to
• You and all your members will receive an email immediately after migration. This ema il will provide a new password. We suggest that you post an announcement for your members,
        urging them to update the email associated with their Takeforum accounts if that email is no longer valid.
Please note that despite the URL change, proper redirects will be established via a 301 permanent redirect and your prior search engine rankings and traffic should not be impacted.

Your forum is being placed in an ordered queue along with other Takeforum forums that are in the process to be converted. At the moment the conversion begins,
        your site will be off line. The expected downtime for each forum is less than 15 minutes for small boards, and up to several hours for large boards.
        We will have staff on hand at our help desk to hel p guide you through any questions you may have regarding how to operate the new software.
        We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time of transition and look for ward to proving you with the best forum experience around.

Useful links:

Yuku Help Desk:
Yuku Support Forum:


The Takeforum (now Yuku) team.

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May 31 13 7:27 PM

Saas nähdä muuttuvatko tuossa sitten ehdotkin... Noin keskimäärin näytti tuo Yoku sekavammalta ja kaupallisemmalta, mutta katotaan nyt onko siitä mihinkään. Ilmeisesti niillä on rahaa ostoihin ja kehittämiseen, joten siltä osin ei pitäisi olla suurempaa murhetta. Jos tuo lisää mainospostia, niin ei liikuta enää niin kirkkaissa vesissä.

Waka Wanha Camwald setä

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